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Develop secure blockchain products, solutions and services

Integrate security into your software development life cycle.  Create a cyber secure business and a cyber security aware culture within your business.

Actively drive cyber security throughout your business from day 1 or risk being hacked.

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Each organisation is different, different teams, different grow plans but one thing in common is they need to be cyber secure.

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What We Can Do For You

We can help your leadership team to develop and execute a cyber security program based of a custom strategy for your organisation. 

We can evaluate and test your cyber security from how you capture and integrate security requirements into your product, solution and service development right through to assessing your operational assets through Penetration Testing and Cyber Attack Simulation.

We can educate your team from senior executives right through to non-technical staff with basic cyber security awareness and we can train your technical team members with offensive security training that will equip them with the skills to continue adding value to your cyber secure organisation.

Cyber security consulting

Subject Matter Expertise for Cyber Security in Blockchain Business.

Penetration testing & Security Audits

In-house Penetration Testers can perform simulated Cyber Attacks against your assets or perform security audits of your defences.

CyBER security training

Customized Cyber Security training for different groups within your business.  We can deliver face to face training onsite or deliver training via Zoom video conferencing or through custom developed e-learning videos for your business.

Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Security Consultants regularly investigate and track cyber crime groups & hackers targeting Blockchain Businesses.  We can perform dedicated threat intelligence research on your organisation and help identify threats that may be building against your business.

From Our Founder

You disrupt the industry and we can disrupt hackers

You worked hard developing an amazing potentially disruptive blockchain solution.  Don’t let hackers and cyber crime groups exploit your people and IT assets, steal your digital assets or steal your customers personal data. Cyber Security must be integrated into every blockchain organisation from day 1.


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